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The 21st century is described as "the Century of Environment".  Society asks for "corporate social responsibility (in establishing a sustainable, recycling society)".

We started zero emission activities group-wide in June 2004 in order to bring the amount of our industrial landfill waste as close as to zero as possible and to improve the recycling rate.  The target, final destinations of industrial waste generated by our factories: 99.5% recycled and 0.5% landfill was achieved in March 2006 but our activities are still ongoing.

Our activities include the below :


Complete Sorting Activity

Setting up of recycling stations, observation of sorting

Development of Industrial Waste Processors

Close work with new intermediate waste processors (recycling operators)

Enlightenment Campaign
Observation of sorting, driving committees and evaluation committees at each factory


Reduction of Industrial Waste

Review of packaging, waste minimization from production processes

Through our company-wide recycling activities for industrial waste, we aim at changing society from the conventional "mass production, mass consumption and mass waste" model to a "sustainable and recyclable" one.

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