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The company was certified to ISO14001, an international environmental standard, in June 2001.

In an effort to contribute towards the improvement of the global environment, we are continuously improving our organization under the environmental slogan, " Principle of Environment and Environmental Policy".
environmental slogan
pronciple of environmental

We appreciate nature, living things and the people around us, and will act as "good corporate citizens" in order to pass down to the next generations a better environment through our corporate activities.
We are thankful for the blessings of nature and deeply understand that we are just a small part of the entire ecosystem.  We are committed to promoting corporate activities that are in harmony with the environment by optimizing the utilization of resources and the manufacturing processes for the minimum possible environmental impact.

For all activities at Miyazaki Seiko, we will evaluate the environmental impact, take proactive measures to avoid contamination, put in place as much environmental preservation safeguards as technology and economy allow, and make continuous improvements to the environmental management system.
We will be responsible for taking control of our business activities that are potentially hazardous to the environment by respecting environment-related laws, regulations, agreements, etc. and by establishing internal standards that are technically and economically viable.
We will drive down CO2 emissions through internal Kaizen activities aimed at anti global warming.  We will focus on green procurement to better preserve the environment, to protect resources and to improve sustainability.
We will continue with our "Zero emission activity (99.5% recycling of industrial waste)" and endeavor to further improve upon it.
We will promote clean factory and green planning through "5S activity".
We will be a good communicator with our local communities.
In order to achieve this Environmental Policy, we will establish and periodically review our environmental goals and targets.
We will make sure that all our employees understand this Environmental Policy through environmental education and training.  We will also ask our suppliers and customers for their understanding on the policy.
ISO14001 ISO14001
Certification No.JQA-EM1638
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