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The near-net-shape production method used in cold forging and pressings requires 'slugs' that serve as fine preforms. The manufacture of fine slugs requires total control in such areas as dimensions, annealing and coating. The basic manufacturing technology for fine slugs comes from our long-accumulated knowledge in CHQ wire drawing.
Drawing upon this unique know-how in materials and processing, the design of the slugs from their basic shape to the materials, tools and manufacturing processes to be used are all done in-house and under thorough controls.
Miyazaki Seiko's fine slugs support near-net-shape production method. They will also make a major contribution towards saving costs and protecting the environment through the reduction of energy, materials, etc.
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Advantages of Miyazaki Seiko's Fine Pre-form Slugs
We can supply pre-form slugs in the most suitable form for each customer's needs because we have the capabilities to internally design and perform all processes from drawing of CHQ wire, forging of pre-form slugs, annealing up to coating of the slugs.
Our customers can rationalize their manufacturing process and the amount of their in-process inventory. We deliver goods as required by customers. (Part numbers, delivery date and quantity)
We can also supply cut-to-length and chamfered slugs made from cold drawn bars or peeled bars from our Cold Drawn Bars Department.
Our production process can guarantee 100% flaw-free slugs.
Our formers have built-in ECCF systems (eddy current flaw detection units) that can separate slugs with any flaw over a depth of 0.07mm and a length of 5mm.
In addition, we can shave the outside diameter of cylindrical slugs of ECCF quality in order to eliminate any flaw and decarburization on the surface.
Alternatively, flaw-free and decarburization-free cut-to-length slugs can also be supplied by making them from peeled materials.
(The whole coil can be guaranteed free of flaws with a depth of over 0.07mm and a length of 5mm)
A rotating probe is fitted in front of the slug former. The probe can detect surface flaws in the wire by means of potential differences generated by eddy currents while the slug former is under continuous operation. When a flaw is detected, the system separates every blank with the flaw and ejects them into the chute for reject parts.
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