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Miyazaki Seiko has made solid achievements in the secondary processing of specialty steel bars and wire. “Innovation” and “tradition”, things that should and should not be changed, these form our foundation, but ever since the birth of the company we have constantly been integrating unique technologies inspired by new ideas with our core technologies to successfully build up our technology base. We continuously challenge ourselves to go back to the very basics of manufacturing, to maintain global perspectives that satisfy customer requirements, to respect the environment, to provide solutions to various challenges, and to create new demand.
president MIYAZAKI
Through value-add technology we have endeavored to offer products and services that satisfy customers’ needs in the area of secondary processing of specialty steel bars and wire.
Even under conditions of major economic changes, the Miyazaki Group is determined to respond flexibly to market change, to create an environment conducive to innovative ideas, to play an important and necessary partnership role to customers, to offer employees challenging opportunities for their future development, to respect our environment, and to think globally.
To do so, we know that we have to make ourselves attractive and desirable partners to our stakeholders at all times. This is made possible by maintaining sound finances and by offering superior products to the market.
Industrial products from Japan are rated top class in the global market. We also have reputable eco-friendly technologies. It is our belief that we can contribute to our customers’ wellbeing and society at large by utilizing such ‘technologies’ while still faithfully adhering to the manufacturing basics.
Miyazaki Seiko will continue to enhance the status of its world-class technology and strive to meet the expectations of its customers and society.
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