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environmental report
environmental report
We have published a 7rd Environmental Report on our environmental activitiesduring FY2013 for society's better understanding of the company.
An environmental report here becomes only a Japanese version.
Click here to download a full report. (PDF6,247 KB)
Context (328KB)
Message from the President (297KB) ... page 2
Company Outline, Main Products (263KB) ... page 3
Sales Turnover, Sales Volume, History (330KB) ... page 4
Mission Statement (276KB) ... page 5
1.Environmental Management (1,040KB) ... page 6~11
2.Environmental Preservation Activities, Environmental Data (1,030KB) ... page 12~17
3.Topics (699KB)... page 18~19
4.Contribution to Environment and Society (1,440KB) ... page 20~26
5.Messages from Employees (316KB) ... page 27
6.Result of Questionnaire Survey FY2013(307KB) ... page 28
7.Glossaries (228KB) ... page 29
8.Questionnaire (155KB) ... page 30
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