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Miyazaki Seiko contributes towards social development through its strong support of Japanese manufacturing with secondary-processed wire and bar products made of specialty steels.

Specialty Steels
Specialty steels are steels that have had their properties enhanced by the addition of certain alloying elements such as nickel, chrome, etc. and are used in all types of steel products found in our modern life.  Alloying elements can be selectively added to improve such characteristics as hardness, strength, heat-resistance, corrosion-resistance etc and Miyazaki Seiko then uses these specialty steels to produce bars and wires that are used in a wide range of products at various manufacturing factories downstream.

Main Business of Miyazaki Seiko

Secondary processing

Secondary Processing of Miyazaki Seiko

Specialty steel bars and wire rods supplied from steel manufacturers are never used exactly as provided. They always require additional processing to modify dimensions, shapes and mechanical properties to meet the design requirements of finished products. These processes are called secondary processes, and Miyazaki offers plastic forming capabilities such as drawing and cold forging as well as various other secondary operations including cut-to-length, pickling and heat treatment (annealing).

Products of Miyazaki Seiko

Industries Served
Automotive, automotive parts, electronics, industrial machines, construction machines, musical instruments
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